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Mentawai Islands Waves


E-Bay - Extremely fast, very hollow left that can, when it's working, dish up some of the most beautiful barrels in the Mentawai Islands.  Dreamlike location inside a bay complete with dense palm forest as a backdrop.  25-100 yard rides, for intermediate to advanced surfers.  Watch out for the VERY shallow end section.  Best on a bigger W swell.

Bankvaults - A thick, barreling right, with a fast and INTENSE tube. Advanced surfers only. Shifty line-up, stay alert!  Best on a S/SW up to 10ft.
Nipussi - A bit less intense than its next-door neighbor,  it can be a good call when everywhere else is small.  Magnifies the swell.  Beautiful location, straight out of Gilligan's Island. Lined up right that breaks over a reef/sand combo, with 25-75 yard rides.  Great for intermediate surfers when it's smaller.  Watch for the inside barrel section.  Best on a 3-6ft. S/SW.

Kandui Left - Incredibly fast, obscenely  HOLLOW left that can offer up to a 500-yard ride. This is assuming of course that you make the drop. And pull in, because this is your ONLY option as Kandui (a.k.a. NO-KANDUI) sends you on a mach-5 terror ride through its violent, gaping, once-in-a-lifetime caverns. Advanced to Expert surfers only. Best on a 6-8ft SW.

Rifles  a.k.a.  Kandui Right - Fast is not quite enough to describe Rifles, but YOU better be if you are to have any hope of making it out of this temperamental right-hander's insanely hollow, multiple, violent barrel sections. If you make the drop with a bit of composure, the rest of the wave is a rapid blur of seemingly unmakable sections and gaping caverns.  400-600 yard rides possible. Be the bullet!  When conditions are right, Rifles is one of the Mentawai Island's BEST waves.  Advanced to Expert surfers.  Best on a 6-8ft  S/SW.

Four Bobs - A short, fun right with 25-75 yard rides, suitable for intermediate surfers.  Most of the time this wave is a drop, sometimes a quick barrel, and a turn or so.  Great for intermediate surfers or if you are looking for one last, soothing session before dinner.  Four Bobs is waiting to show you a good time.  Best on a 2-5ft. S/SW.

Burgerworld - Another less life-threatening point-style wave suited for intermediate surfers.  Best on smaller swells.   Beautiful jungle setting, great for photos, does have its moments of long rippable walls, cutbacks galore, and air boosting fun. Best on a 2-4ft. S/SW.

There are another dozen or so excellent waves in this area.  Go explore and find them.


We're only going to talk about the 2 most famous waves at the North end of the island...

Telescopes - Another very long, semi hollow, PERFECT, wrapping left.  Many who have surfed Telescopes consider it  to be one of THE best waves in Indonesia.  Rides of 200-500 yards are common .  Has a very workable wall and multiple tube sections.  While suitable for intermediate surfers when it's smaller, it can get heavy and shallow on the bigger days. Best on a 4-10ft. SW/W.

Scarcrows - A wedging left takeoff that walls up and ends with a quick inside barrel section. Suitable for intermediate surfers.  Best on a 4-6ft. S/SW and a SSE wind.
On the southern end of Sipora are two of the most famous waves in the world...

Lance's Left - This powerful, grinding left is one of the most consistent waves in the islands. Complete with two distinct barrel sections and multiple take-off zones, it  can be, if conditions are cooperating, one of the most picturesque waves on the planet.  Many have called Lance's the Mentawai's version of G-Land's Money Trees, with bigger swells creating beyond vertical take-offs, clean open barrels,  and offering the chance for some mind-bending speed carves.  Smaller days offer spinning cylinders and walled up lines, and a chance to perfect your roundhouse attack. Be forewarned: A series of claw-like lava fingers waits inside for anyone unlucky enough to pay a visit.  25-100 yard rides.  Suitable for intermediate surfers when smaller, best on a 3-8ft. S/SW.

Hollow Trees - Also known as HT's or Lance's Right. A mind blowing right tube that has been featured in every surf magazine and countless videos over the last 10 years.  When its smaller, three takeoff zones exist, and any of them will let you perfect any seemingly impossible maneuver that you've ever dreamed up.  When it gets bigger, the peaks connect into one continuous, freight train barrel leaving average surfers slack-jawed on the boat.  One of the most photogenic waves on the planet, it empties out into a deep water channel, where your friends and photographer are hooting as you are spit out of the best tube of your life.  Watch out for HTs vigilant guardian, aptly named The Surgeons Table, whose sole purpose, it would seem, is to take parts of you as a trophy.  Advanced to Expert surfers.  Best on a 3-8ft. SW.


Macaroni's a.k.a. Macca's - One of this planet's aquatic treasures.  You could dedicate the rest of your life to a global search, but you wouldn't find a more perfect, performance-boosting left-hander than Maccas. On typical days, once you make the ledgy take-off, followed by an immediate tube, you'll find yourself attempting to destroy this wave's lip over and over and over again. Anything here is possible, and your performance will only be limited to your imagination. 100 yards of wave demolition. Suited for almost all levels of surfers, you will find yourself paddling back out after each wave claiming it was the best of your life, and you would be right. Best on a 3-6ft. S/SW.

There are numerous other waves in this area, keep your eyes peeled and be rewarded.


Rags Left - Another extremely long, powerful, barreling left over a semi-treacherous reef.  Holds large swells from any direction. Best on a  3-8ft S.

Rags Right - You will probably never surf this place, but if you do, you will most likely wish you that you had not.  An explosive, bone crushing beast, this ultra shallow right can dish up 10-14 second, gaping cylinders for surfers that are brave enough to get off their boat after seeing what it has to offer, or more to the point, what it can take away.  A wipeout here will provide hours of painful entertainment as you attempt to identify the intriguing variety of reef organisms you are extracting from your body.  Give this wave your complete attention and best performance, and you just might get the barrel of your life.   25-100 yards of sadistic fun.  Expert surfers only.  Best on a 5-8ft. S.

Thunders- Possibly the most consistent wave in the Mentawai Islands, Thunders gets its name from the crack/booming sound the wave makes as it unloads on the reef.  A top to bottom, ledging left that can hold the biggest swells that the Indian Ocean can dish out.  Offers 50-100 yard rides, with a wider peak perfect for intermediate surfers.  Lots of water moving at this spot and a little bigger board may prove useful.  Best on a 6-10ft. SW.

The Hole - VERY hollow, VERY heavy left that violently erupts with gut wrenching abruptness over an almost dry ledge, funnels into a 25-75 yard gaping hole, then gets even shallower before closing shut over a deadly end section.  If the Hole is feeling generous, you will emerge unscathed and screaming from the tube.  Otherwise, when the emerald cavern closes shut, you will be paying a trip to the reef.  Pain is more than probable, it is promised.  Depending on how your last wave ended, you may come to believe that it is worth any amount of terror and punishment to experience the barrel that this place can dish out.   Experts only. Best on a 4-8ft. S.

These spots are only a few of the best known, and most documented in the Mentawai Islands.  There are countless other small islands with excellent surf waiting, both reef and beach breaks that have yet to be named.  Your surf guide will be able to take you to the best spots suited to your surfing level, and each days changing conditions.


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