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The History of Mentawai SurfCats


Welcome and thank you for visiting us at Mentawai SurfCats. Your connection for surfing the Mentawai Islands region of Sumatra, Indonesia.

We've seen quite a few changes out here since we began offering what would now be considered bare bones surf trips many years ago. Back then, flat screen TV's, air-conditioned cabins, hot showers, gourmet chefs, speed boats and film crews were still a ways off.

Relatively unheard of before 1998, there were only a handful of guides making the 80 mile voyage from Padang to the Mentawai's in search of spectacular and pristine new lineups. Since then, this little stretch of islands has come to be regarded as one of the most wave rich, high caliber surf zones on this planet.

We've experienced the unparalleled joys of discovering never before seen line-ups, food and animal life, explored mind numbing barrels at spots with no names and witnessed first hand the unparalleled beauty of this majestic tropical paradise and it's indigenous people .

On the other hand, we've also witnessed the explosion of the boat trip surf travel business, the outright greed of some to own what is not rightfully theirs, the birth of land camps, boat wars, territorial disputes, massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and the loss of life and property. The city of Padang and it's surrounding villages are still in a state of rebuilding after the 2009 earthquakes and your continued support and donations are much appreciated by our dear friends who reside here.

Our goal however, remains the same. To offer surfers from all walks of life the opportunity to explore, discover and experience the Mentawai Islands in a way that inspires and stimulates the mind, body and soul. To practice conservation and preservation and to give something back to the local communities that have so graciously taken us in and unselfishly offered to share with us some of the planet's greatest aquatic treasures.

New laws went into effect last season that limit boats in the Mentawai fleet exclusively to those that are locally flagged. This will have a direct impact on helping local employees and their communities as well as cut the crowds dramatically.

We are proud to offer locally built and flagged, fully equipped, professionally crewed, modern charter boats like the legendary Aileoita, Bintang, Oasis, King Millenium I, Melaleuca, Nusa Dewata, Naga Laut, Kuda Laut. For those of you that want the fastest boats in the Islands, we've got the lightning quick Quest1, Bohemian Biru, King Millenium II, and Samudra Biru as well.

We look forward to each season as an opportunity to welcome back old friends and make life-long new ones, to explore, discover and experience these jewels of the Indian Ocean in the same way we always have.

If turning your fantasy boat trip into a reality sounds about right to you, then stop dreaming, Contact Mentawai SurfCats Now!

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